Fluence Labs: mission and origins

Fluence Labs was created to build a decentralized network technology. We believe that decentralized data storage is a crucial part of the tomorrow's web and will benefit the humanity by providing a new level of privacy, control, and security. Behind this project and vision is a dedicated group of people with experience and a dream.

Evgeny Ponomarev
Entrepreneur and product manager. Worked on product at 2GIS (20M monthly audience). In charge of the project management track at CodeFest developers conference (1500+ attendees / year). Mined first Bitcoin in 2011 on CPU.
Dmitry Kurinskiy
Software engineer and technical leader, with solid expertise in complex engineering projects since 2004. Keen functional programming advocate. Prior to Fluence he was a CTO / lead engineer at a bunch of technology startups.
Alexander Demidko
Chief Scientist
Experienced distributed systems engineer with deep understanding of computer science and game theory. At Metamarkets he built a petabyte scale analytics platform capable of processing hundreds of billions events/day. At Stitch Fix, he worked on building the ML infrastructure.
Constantine Solovev
Software engineer proficient in distributed systems and big data processing. Developed a high load data exchange platform for RTB advertising at CleverDATA.
Dmitry Shakhtarin
Software engineer with strong expertise in cryptography, functional Scala programming and backend development. Previously he worked on building the end-to-end encrypted and completely anonymous messaging platform titanium.im.
Michael Voronov
Reverse engineer and system programmer with a strong knowledge of OS internals and process virtual machines architecture. Ex-captain of the CTF (cyber security contests) team, computer security PhD candidate (exploit detection), interested in finding public products vulnerabilities (owns few CVEs).
Alex Pyshnenko
Seasoned distributed systems engineer with a deep functional languages knowledge. Previously longtime key developer of the messenger platformoktos.io,where he implemented end-to-end encrypted communication and key management protocols; integrated Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets functionality.
Artemiy Liarskiy
Digital marketing specialist with projects for major brands and rewarded agencies. Background in B2B sales, marketing, and copywriting.
Anna Lekanova
Anna has a background in marketing and business development in the field of Technology Entrepreneurship. Working on her MBA, she has been collaborating with startups as well as with major brands.


Howard Wu
Dekrypt Capital
Co-founder at Dekrypt Capital. Left Google for crypto. Doing research at Berkeley Blockchain research division.
Gordon Hall
Orc Network, Storj
The Bookchin. Distributed systems hacker and free software activist. He is the author of the core libraries that drive Storj, ORC, as well as their underlying implementation of the Kademlia distributed hash table.
Andrey Lelikov
Security engineer. At Microsoft he was focused on software obfuscation, cryptography, anti-hacking and robustness technologies.
Lasse Clausen
1kx Capital
Token angel investor at 1kx focusing on token launches and token economics. Investor in Terra, Nervos, Nucypher, Spacemesh, Oasis.
Christopher Heymann
1kx Capital
Token angel investor at 1kx focusing on technology and token economics. Investor in Terra, Nervos, Nucypher, Spacemesh, Oasis.
Nhan Phan
Engineering manager at Analytics division at Snapchat. Previously he was a VP of Engineering at Metamarkets, where he managed a distributed team of engineers building a highly scalable and reliable analytics platform. Before Metamarkets, he was a VPE at iSocket, which was acquired by Rubicon Project in 2014.
Simon Kozlov
Instrumental Inc
Machine Learning and AI expert with a track record of building teams and technology at Silicon Valley startups and larger companies. Previously director of engineering at Roblox (currently valued at $2.4B) and engineer at Microsoft and Dropbox. Teaches Deep Learning in NSU, Russia's top 5 science and engineering school.
Addison Huegel
Addison is a Managing Partner & Director at BlockPR & Elevator Communications. He was also Head of Communications at Zilliqa and advisor to Perlin and Origin Protocol; he helped with media relations at the Ethereum Foundation in the early days and has been involved with lots of activities regarding blockchain events all over the world.

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