Manage your data
in a decentralized

Fluence network provides a permissionless infrastructure to aggregate, store, and process data from various decentralized sources.

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Processing Blockchain Data in Real-Time

Developers can use Fluence network to create a trustless query layer over the blockchains, making blockchain data easily discoverable, searchable and consumable for a variety of applications.

Get token balances for Ethereum wallets matching a specific rule
Aggregate order books from a few
Calculate Dogecoin average transaction costs aggregated by day
name, symbol, amount
address =
) {
  balances {
   asset { name symbol }
Create and deploy your custom query language
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Built for the developers
Working with the decentralized data is a demanding task for the developer. It requires to deal with the nodes syncing and management, puzzles creation of real-time apps and consequently leads slower blockchain tech stack adoption in general.

Fluence network creates a permissionless network with decentralized consensus, “eventual security” model, capable of storing and processing arbitrary data in real-time.

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Trustless infrastructure is independent of any single authority.
Permissionless network optimized for best performance (storage, latency, throughput).
Every request on Fluence network is verified and its correctness is publicly auditable.

High-performance decentralized backend for the Web 3.0

Connect existing blockchains and other public decentralized data sources, and build trustless query interfaces with custom data processing, making decentralized data easily consumable by applications.

Blockchain index
Making blockchain data easily discoverable, searchable and consumable for a variety of applications.
Aggregating and matching orders from multiple decentralized exchanges.
Deploying traditional database solutions on a flexible permissionless decentralized infrastructure.
Public data
Setting up heavily loaded and live auditable APIs for various types of open data.

Try out what's coming up in Fluence

Fluence protocol is a work in progress.
Check out Fluence first proof of concept release that allows to set up a local Fluence network with a pre-deployed legacy SQL database, test the flow or integrate it with a browser app using Fluence Javascript client.


Updates & Events

Ethereum Magicians Council Prague live stream sponsored by Fluence
Fluence Project Update October 2018
The first Fluence workshop, visiting Epicenter, Web3 Summit, and Devcon in one month, new advisor and more!
Looks like that's all the meetups for this year!
That was an awesome tour, thank you to all the participants of the "Web3 stack, what's next for developers?". Check Eventbrite and Twitter for updates.

Media About Us

"Blockchain-based database provider Fluence today announced it is using the blockchain to create a decentralized data organization layer, with the ultimate goal of building a decentralized internet."
"Blockchain projects today should focus on one single purpose: to build a service for people. Building more platforms and trying to fit blockchain-based solutions into isolated cases ..."
"As industries like healthcare become digitized, a question arises: who owns the patient’s data, who has the right to store, transfer or grant access to it?"