Engineering Manager

The Fluence Labs team is looking for an engineering manager to lead the work on the core technology, which includes multiple components and tools around Aqua and Marine. You will join the team of highly passionate individuals that work closely with the open source community to enable internet innovation via p2p technology.

What you will do:

  • Work with the internal engineering team and external contributors on planning, designing, and delivering the Fluence core technology
  • Establish and follow the technical roadmaps, OKRs, milestones, regular team meetings
  • Manage the release cycle, goals, and deliverables for the engineering team
  • Establish the product feedback loop, working with product managers, developer relations, partners, and the community
  • Build a great engineering team ensuring the happiness and productivity of the individuals
  • Lead by example, writing the code, fixing bugs, and participating in design discussions when it is necessary to help the engineers working with you

What we’re looking for:

  • Deep technical skills and experience in building and deploying complex distributed systems, e.g., using a cloud stack
  • Ability to work in polyglot environments
  • Focus on improving developer and user experience
  • A great communicator and remain calm under pressure or when juggling multiple priorities
  • A humble and inspirational leader who is comfortable leading by example
  • Have good project management skills

Bonus points:

  • Open-source contributions or continued involvement in open source communities
  • Background in cryptography, networking, or academia
  • Familiarity with crypto or blockchain technologies

Location: Remote

Commitment: Full-time

About Fluence Labs

At Fluence Labs, we are working on new decentralized network protocols to make the internet more open and secure. We believe that open source and open protocols enable better technology for the future of humanity.

Fluence Labs is a distributed team of engineers residing in New York, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Krasnodar. Our culture is remote-first, self-managed, and we value transparent decision making and an open source ethos.

Our primary project is Fluence, a peer-to-peer application platform which allows the creation of applications free of proprietary cloud providers or centralized APIs. Fluence provides a peer-to-peer development stack so that you can program p2p applications, workflows, and compose services, APIs without relying on centralized intermediaries. Fluence serves as an open runtime for internet applications; the new alternative to proprietary platforms, and APIs.

We are looking for new great additions to the Fluence Labs core team. We would like to speak to people who are interested in decentralized technology, empathetic, humble, passionate about their work, and strive for excellence. We expect that candidates are experts in their field, keep up to date with recent developments, and are excellent communicators, both in oral and written form.


  • Competitive compensation and equity options
  • Remote-first, work from home or use a co-working space of your choice
  • Friendly startup environment: no bureaucracy or time tracking
  • We will provide you with anything you need to learn, grow, and be more productive